Bio-self (Microbial agent) 

Reduces salination; Improves soil quality; Solubilizes the insoluble phosphoric acid 

  1. BioSelf is a microbial agent that solubilizes the insoluble phosphoric acid found in the soil 
  2. The product facilitates the absorption of phosphoric acid from the soil, and exhibits outstanding results for cluster formation and internode regulation 
  3. The product effectively reduces salination, promotes root vigor, and mediates soil decomposition for compost and organic substances.

  • For the soil that may have accumulated phosphate salts due to the excessive use of livestock manure fertilizers 
  • For the soil that fails to support stable rooting after the colonization 
  • For the soil suspected of salination due to the excessive use of chemical fertilizers 
  • For the volcanic ash soil that has a high level of salination 
  • For the soil that frequently suffers from phytophthora blight, fusarium wilt or cucurbit wilt.
Assured component 
Bacillus subtilis 1×10
 How to Use
  1. In a tub, pour 20L water, BioSelf, and fermenting agent, and mix thoroughly 
  2. Place the lid on the tub and leave it in a warm place above 25℃ for 2-3 days for cultivation 
  3. For soil watering, the ratio is 4L of cuture medium per 200 pyong area
  • Store the product in a cool shaded area away from direct sunlight 
  • The product may be used with amino acid products upon the soil watering of the culture medium for enhanced effects 
  • The expiration date is 2 years
Action of Phosphoric Acid
Plants use around 10-20% of the applied phosphoric acid, while the rest combine with iron, magnesium, and calcium, to form insoluble compounds such as Ca3(PO4)2 and AlPO4, which become fixated in the soil. Thus, phosphoric acid has to be applied afresh for each cultivation, accumulating in the soil in an unbelievably high concentration. This eventually leads to nutrient imbalance and poor plant growth, causing reduced crop yield as well as quality.
The effect of lettuce growth
The effect of lettuce growth
The P content in lettuce
The P content in lettuce