PCa-Change (Powder formula) 

100% water soluble calcium phosphate 

  1. Incal-Change is the one-stop solution for stem length suppression and leaf surface thickening, as well as facilitating pollenation, fruitage and coloring. 
  2. Incal-Change promotes fast absorption and precise effects by containing 100% water soluble calcium phosphate manufactured through a special technique. 
  3. The product also contains active amino acids that allow excellent absorption even during low temperature or low solar radiation. 
  4. The product comprises acetylmethionine and acetylleucine that facilitate the production of inductive substances for improving the coloring.
 How to Use
crop  application time  application time application method 
fruit vegetables
strawberry, tomato, Korean melon, cucumber, watermelon, chilli, etc.

vegetative period

suppression of stem length; facilitation of pollination and fruit coloring; vigor modulation; and internode regulationfoliage dressing: 
500-1,000 times dilution (40-20g/20L water (1,000-500g/500L)

soil watering: 
1,000-500g/200 pyong
harvest timestimulation of coloring and fruit enlargement; increasing the sugar content; and improving the yield
fruit trees
apple, pear, grape, citrus fruits, peach, persimmon, blueberry, etc.

vigor modulation

prevention of secondary growth; suppression of sprout formation; facilitation of pollination and coloring


stimulation of coloring and fruit enlargement; increasing the sugar content; and improving the yield

leafy vegetables
cabbage, lettuce, perilla leaves, chives, etc

throughout growth

suppression of sprout formation; and promotion of healthy growth

root vegetables

potato, sweet potato, garlic, carrot, radish, etc.

throughout growthvigor modulation; and suppression of sprout formation
root enlargementstimulation of root enlargement; and improving the crop quality

  • Please comply with the indicated concentration and method of use. Do not use the product with alkaline pesticides. 
  • Please keep the product sealed in a cool area out of the reach of children. 
  • The product is 100% water soluble, and can be used safely.
Assured component 
40% water soluble phosphoric acid, 10% water soluble copper, 1% water soluble boron, 20% water soluble calcium