No.1 One-Cal (Calcium for soil watering )  
  1. No.1Cal is the first-rate organic chelate calcium with the best absorption rate. 
  2. The product is rich in potassium and magnesium that thickens the leaf surface and helps with photosynthesis. 
  3. The product ensures the prevention of physiological obstacles due to calcium deficiency. 
  4. The product exhibits outstanding results for suppressing stem height that can be controlled by the concentration of use.

  • When the leaves are fragile and show the symptoms of calcium deficiency 
  • For suppressing nitrogen absorption during the coloring period 
  • For improving the sugar content, fruit enlargement, and storage 
  • When the soil watering with calcium is necessary
 How to Use
category  application amount 
foliage dressing500L / 500L
soil watering1kg / 200 pyeong
stem length suppression

1kg / 500L

  • Please comply with the indicated concentration and method of use. Do not use the product with alkaline pesticides. 
  • Please keep the product in a cool area out of the reach of children. 
  • The product is 100% water soluble, and can be used safely.
Assured component 
0.5% inorganic nitrogen, 10% water soluble copper, 2.5% water soluble magnesium, 28% water soluble calcium