1. A-Final is a distinguished nutrient formula optimized for the fruiting season.
  2.  A-Final contains organic potassium and oraganophosphoric acid (phytic acid) that suppress nitrogen absorption and help carbohydrate production, thereby facilitating the coloration, enlargement, and sugar accumulation of the plants. to allow the harvest of high-quality agricultural products. 
  3. A-Final induces a balanced plant growth by containing over 30 different kinds of pure minerals extracted from natural minerals.

  • For suppressing nitrogen absorption during the fruiting season 
  • For facilitating the coloration, enlargement, and sugar accumulation
 When to Use
  • foliage dressing: 500 times dilution (1L/500L) 
  • soil watering: 1L per 200 pyong area
  • Please comply with the indicated concentration and method of use. 
  • The product can be used with the common sterilizers or pesticides however, using it with alkaline, copper based or mycin-based agents is strictly forbidden. 
  • The active ingredient may precipitate in such case, use the product after having shaken the container thoroughly, as it does not affect the efficacy. 
  • Please keep the product in a cool area out of the reach of children.
Assured component: class IV composite fertilizer (for foliage dressing) 
17% water soluble phosphoric acid, 20% water soluble copper, 0.05% water soluble boron, 0.005% water soluble molybdenum