1. A-Mix is a multinutrient formula that contains an ideal mixture of NPK. 
  2. A-Mix is for promoting the initial and the middle phase vegetative growth 
  3. A-Mix contains an abundance of over 30 different kinds of natural minerals that together induce a balanced plant growth. 
  4. The product effectively stimulates the rooting, increases the sugar content, improves the quality, and facilitates the plant growth.

  • For stable rooting after the colonization ⇒ soil watering: two or three times 
  • When the plant has been under the stress of low temperature, chilly injury, or chemical injury due to pesticides ⇒ foliage dressing: two or three times 
  • When the soil conditions are poor due to salination ⇒ soil watering: two or three times (use with BioSelf) 
  • For the plant to regain and maintain its vigor (improved sugar content and coloration, etc.) ⇒ foliage dressing: two or three times per month
 How to Use
  • foliage dressing: 1,000 times dilution (500ml/25 mal)
    *In the case of severe deficiency, use 500 times dilution (one bottle/25 mal)
  • soil watering: 1L per 200 pyong area

  • Please comply with the indicated concentration and method of use. 
  • The product can be used with the common sterilizers or pesticides; however, using it with alkaline, copper based or mycin-based agents is strictly forbidden. 
  • The active ingredient may precipitate; in such case, use the product after having shaken the container thoroughly, as it does not affect the efficacy. 
  • Please keep the product in a cool area out of the reach of children.

Assured component: class IV composite fertilizer (for foliage dressing)
7% inorganic nitrogen, 5% water soluble phosphoric acid, 3% water soluble copper, 1% water soluble magnesia, 0.05% water soluble boron