Amino-Cal (Amino Acid Granule)  
  1. Amino-Cal is 100% water soluble granules of premium quality amino acids. 
  2. The product contains 30% amino acid and 7% organic calcium (CaO). 
  3. The product is suitable for use as basic fertilizer or additional fertilizer. 
  4. The product prevents calcium deficiency and improves the crop quality by increasing the sugar content and storage while preventing fruit dropping.

  • For stable rooting after the colonization ⇒ soil watering: two or three times 
  • When the plant has been under the stress of low temperature, chilly injury, or chemical injury due to pesticides ⇒ foliage dressing: two or three times 
  • When the soil conditions are poor due to salination ⇒ soil watering: two or three times (use with BioSelf) 
  • For the plant to regain and maintain its vigor (improved sugar content and coloration, etc.) ⇒ foliage dressing: two or three times per month
How to Use
application amount
application time
basal fertilization
1 pack/
(200-250 pyong)
rice farming, fruit trees, root vegetables, fruit vegetables, leafy vegetables, flowering plants, fields (golf courses), etc.
Add or subtract the amount according the current level of plant growth 
side dressing1 pack/
(350-400 pyong)
soil watering1Kg/200pyong
foliage dressing1Kg/25mal
  • After use, store the product in a sealed container as it may absorb the moisture in the air and become hardened. 
  • The product can be used with other types of composite fertilizers or nutrients for enhanced effects. 
  • Do not use the product with alkaline pesticides (lime bordeaux or lime sulphur mixtures).