RED (Coloring agent)  
  1. RED strengthens the original clear and vivid color of the crop. 
  2. Amino acid-based color-inducing agents (acethylemethionine and acetylleucine) are the main ingredients. 
  3. The product also contains organophosphoric acid (phytic acid) and organic calcium that have effects on improving the storage quality.
 How to Use
 product function 
 application time 
induces clear and vivid coloration
two or three times during the period of coloration
grape, chilli, tomato
facilitates the coloration with remarkable effects
7-10 days prior to the harvest

※ For all crop types, use 1,000 times dilution (500ml/500L or 20ml/20L) for the foliage dressing.
※ The product may be used with calcium for enhanced effects.

Assured component: composite fertilizer (for the foliage dressing) 
16% water soluble phosphate, 1.5% water soluble copper, 0.05% water soluble boron, 2.5% water soluble calcium

RED-treated group
RED-treated group
control group
control group