Big flesh (Hypertrophy agent for strawberries) 
  1. King’s Bell is a hypertrophy agent optimized for the growth of strawberries. 
  2. The product is especially useful upon low solar radiation when the formation of the fruit enlargement is unstable. 
  3. The product elongates the floral stem and improves the cluster formation and the rate of fertilization. 
 How to Use
 product function 
 application time 
after the fertilization, when the flower petals have fallen
once or twice (7-10 day interval)
  •  Soil watering: 1L per 200 pyong area 
  • Foliage dressing: 500 times dilution (1L/500L = 40cc/20L)
    * During the period of active growth or high temperature, dilute the product 1,000 times (500ml/500L)
  • Please comply with the indicated concentration and method of use. 
  • The product can be used with the common sterilizers or pesticides  however, using it with alkaline, copper based or mycin-based agents is strictly forbidden. 
  • The active ingredient may precipitate; in such case, use the product after having shaken the container thoroughly, as it does not affect the efficacy. 
  • Please keep the product in a cool area out of the reach of children.