Ground emperor (Rooting compound )  
  1. General Tdang’s main ingredient is 100% animal amino acid. The product has outstanding effects on microbial growth and soil improvement. 
  2. The active amino acid component promotes cellular activities, thereby relieving the cells from stress such as low solar radiation after colonization or chilling injury, and helping the roots to complete stable rooting. 
  3.  The fulvic acid component induces healthy growth by preventing nutrient loss through facilitating the chelate activity of the soil and the nutrients during the early stage of colonization.
  4. The natural hydrophilic seaweed extract contains various minerals and active substances, which help promote the physiological activities that are low during the early stage of plant growth. 
  5. The natural mineral extract provides the minerals that are especially low in level during the early stage of plant growth.
 How to Use
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 application time 
 application method 
all types
promote healthy growth and stable rooting during the early stage of colonization
once or twice in 7 or 10 day interval after the colonization, or when the rooting seems unstablehead watering: 1,000 times solution, drip watering: 5L/1,000 pyong
  • Please comply with the indicated concentration and method of use. 
  • The active ingredient may precipitate; in such case, use the product after having shaken the container thoroughly, as it does not affect the efficacy. 
  • The product may be used with microbial or amino acid agents for enhanced effects. 
  • Please keep the product in a cool shaded area out of the reach of children.